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Personal Information

Bernd Zeimetz
Hauptstrasse 37
5071 Wals

Tel: +43 699 15018006
GPG: 6FF9435F


IHK Mittlerer Niederrhein

(2008-2010) Specialized Computer Scientist - System Integration (officially accredited profession in Germany).

Technische Universität Darmstadt

(2001-2008) Studying computer science. Left the university with the introduction of study fees. I plan to continue to study at a distance university part-time.

Herzog-Johann-Gymnasium Simmern

(1991-2000) Secondary and high school. Specialized courses in Mathematics, Physics and History.

Work Experience (remunerated)

January 2011 - present

Linux Systems Engineer at conova communications GmbH in Salzburg, Austria.

January 2008 - December 2010

Working as an open source software consultant and developer for credativ GmbH in Mönchengladbach, Germany. The work for our customers involves not only providing advice and support for open source software, project management and development of specialized software, but also planning and operating the whole infrastructure from networking and hardware up to the operating system and applications.

July 2002 - December 2007

System and network administrator at the Technische Universität Darmstadt . I was taking care of the whole infrastructure to fulfill the needs of > 1000 users in a heterogeneous environment with Windows/Samba, OSX/Netatalk and various Linux/Solaris/Irix machines.

May 1999 - June 2000

Administrating the SuSE Linux based file- and web-servers of Dick Design , an advertising agency in my hometown Kastellaun. Also helping out as web designer and -developer.

Work Experience (voluntary)

December 2008 - present

Member of the Debian New Maintainer Frontdesk. We handle all applications from people who want to become a Debian Developer or Maintainer and are the first point of contact for all questions regarding the New Maintainer process.

December 2008 - present

GPSD developer. After becoming the maintainer of the gpsd package in Debian in 2007 I received commit permissions for the upstream repository at the end of 2008. Mainly I’m working on the Python modules and enhance the autotools/automake based build system.

May 2008 - present

Member of the Debian Hardware Donations Team. This team takes care of all offers of hardware receives. We decide if and where the hardware is useful for the project and organize the shipping and hosting.

December 2007 - present

Debian Developer. Currently I’m maintaining or co-maintaining 42 packages. Most of them are related to Python as I am very active in the Python modules and application teams. Packaging GPS, GIS and OpenStreetmap related applications and libraries is the other area I’m focusing on. Also I’m doing a lot of QA and write/enhance tools. Recently I’ve started to develop and host , a short URL service suited to the requirements of Debian. I’m the local administrator of several machines.

Teaching Experience

May 2002 - September 2005

I gave supervisions and tutorials for the courses Foundations of Computer Technology , Foundations of Computer Science and General Computer Science at the Department of Computer Science, Technische Universität Darmstadt .



After more than 17 years of experience with Linux I consider myself an expert on all things, from installation through troubleshooting and development. I started to use SuSE Linux in 1994 and later switched to Debian as my preferred distribution in 2000, but I also know how to administrate other well known distributions like Ubuntu, RedHat and CentOS.

Programming, skripting and markup Languages

While Python is my preferred programming language, I know C/C++, Perl, Lua and PHP and would quickly be able to get up to speed if I was developing with them on a daily basis. Furthermore I have basic knowledge in Java and Lisp and good knowledge of L a T e X, (X)HTML and CSS.

Unix environment and tools

Due to my broad experience with Linux and Solaris I’ve gained expert skills in common tools such as sh/bash/zsh, sed, awk, make, strace/ltrace/truss, gdb and in revision control systems - mainly git, subversion, bazar, mecurial, darcs and cvs. I’m used to developing, debugging and porting applications on/to Solaris with Sun Studio compilers and tools.


Installing and working with KVM, Xen and Vmware ESX 3/4 are daily tasks for me, and so is managing large deployments with VMware Virtual Center and libvirt for KVM/XEN based installations.


I have good knowledge in most common storage systems, from old SCSI-based disk arrays, to high available DRBD based iSCSI setups, to HP and EMC based SAN infrastructures across multiple data centers. Also I have basic knowledge in administrating IBM Tivoli Storage Manager servers and clients.


My knowledge of common networking protocols on all OSI layers is good, from raw Ethernet to application level. I’ve planned, set up and maintained networks for small- to medium-sized businesses, from cabling and switch configuration up to firewalls, ldap, dhcp and dns servers. I’m used to configuring switches from HP and Extreme Networks and I have basic knowledge of Cisco IOS.

Embedded Systems

I have basic knowledge of the build systems of Android and OpenWRT and I’ve built applications for both platforms which are not included in the standard distribution. Also I know how to program Arduino/Atmel AVR and similar boards with C and a bit of AHDL, VHDL and Verilog.


Native language: German. Fluent oral and writing skills English.

Licenses and permits

European driving license class B/ML

Paragliding license

CEPT class 1 radio amateur license

Motor boat license for inland waterways

Hunting license


Soldering electronic circuits and working with multimeter and digital oscilloscopes is one of my hobbies, for example to enhance WiFi routers with serial ports.

I enjoy sports a lot, especially paragliding, rock climbing, skiing, hiking, speed skating and geocaching. I’ve worked as skiing teacher for my school and ski club for several years, instructing kids and teenagers in skiing.

Since 1995 I have been part of a team which organizes recreational holidays for 50-60 kids every year.

I play French Horn and the Guitar and enjoy taking photos, especially panoramas.


Available on request.

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