Some of the participants of the BSP here in Mönchengladbach asked me to put the blog post from on planet Debian. I think thats a great idea as the BSP was not only successfull, but also a lot of fun and it was very nice to meet a lot of Debian Developers and package maintainers. We were glad that so many people followed the invitation! So here we go - please leave your comments at the original blog post.

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The 2010 Debian Bug Squashing Party turned out to be a great success: around 200 bugs were fixed, ready for the forthcoming version of Debian.

The weekend of 22-24 January saw this year’s Bug Squashing Party hosted yet again by credativ. The aim of the weekend was to find and fix bugs in the next Debian release. The results were as follows:

Work on Debian Results
Installed Patches 5
Fixed Bugs 44
Non-critical Bugs 28
Completely removed Packages 87
Packages removed from Testing 29

Altogether that gives a grand total of 200 bugs. In addition, information was gathered on a further 100 bugs, which will help when they come to be fixed. A lot of time was also spent on quality assurance, an under appreciated but very important job.

More gossip: it is rumoured that is not far off becoming an official Debian project… and in the meantime it will be launching a brand new website running on ikiwiki.

Our “guests” from far and wide were more than happy with the BSP party:

Steve McIntyre: (Debian project leader)

Thanks to the folks at credativ for hosting and participating in the BSP - we got a huge amount of work done towards the next release and had a great time doing it!

Stefano Zacchiroli:

My 1st Mönchengladbach BSP, won’t be the last! Lots of cool people and hacking, and I’ve enjoyed my 1st “traditional” Formorer’s chilli too :).

credativ would like to thank all those who came and got involved - now you can lean back, relax and enjoy the photos of the event.