After several other Debian developers convinced me that a ShortURL service, which is under control of a Debian Developer would be useful for them, I've spent some time to write the necessary code for it. And if it will be used regulary, I'll ask DSA if they want to host it on a proper machine.

So I'm happy to announce the public beta test of (also available under! Please note that neither the content of the pages nor the CSS is finished... :)

As this should not become just another random, spammer-attracting ShortURL service, I will not provide a web based form to add new URLs. Instead new URLs have to be added via a simple JSON-RPC based interface. Other ways to add new URLs will be added on request (or by sending patches ;)), at least an email-gateway similar to is planned.

The small piece of documentation which exists so far is available at And if you want to give it a try now, log into and have a look into

- the usage is documented in the README file and should be pretty straight forward.

I hope it will be useful - comments, bugreports and patches are welcome!


Very nice.

You might try to make it shorter by getting or even something like, much like NPR recently obtained by working with the operators of .pr .

Comment by Anonymous
Debian ShortURL service
This is quite useful -- Might be an idea to turn it into a proper extension for the Gecko and Chromium based browsers!
Comment by S. Fishpaste
Ahem. I just thought I should point out early enough that in Croatian, the string "" has the meaning of "mor.ns" or "stup.ds" or "reta.ds". So don't be surprised if you use it and later notice an occasional raised eyebrow :)
Comment by Josip Rodin