Although the modifications described in my last blog post about refactoring the GuruPlug resulted in a well working GuruPlug, I've decided to give it some more air to breath at the top of the case. The large round piece of plastic in the middle asked to be removed - and now a shiny 60mm fan grill protects the board from the bad world outside of the case.

GuruPlug Server Plus case with fan grill (1/2) GuruPlug Server Plus case with fan grill (2/2)

So far its working fine and not too hot. Guess I'll see what happens next summer.

refactoring with fan mod
I just got the newer version of the guruplug server with the new fan. I don't trust it however after reading your blog. Would you suggest to still carry out further modification rather than trust the supplied fan? Also, if you don't mind, what was the temperatures after you modded the plug with the fan?
Comment by John
Re: refactoring with fan mod
I never modded my guruplug with any kind of fan, it works well without any fan now. If the fan is not too noisy for you I guess it should be save to use the Guruplug without modifications. As I want to have a silent "server", I would mod it again.
Comment by bzed