Not only that it took 4 years to fix #403246 (sbuild dependancy resolution fails when b-dep on A | B ; A uninstallable), but our lovely Debian buildds still don't accept packages which use such a dependency due to running too old sbuild versions. Time to get rid of this annoying bug finally!

Yay, buildd FUD

It's still unclear to me if we (as the Debian community) really want that, given that the new resolver is not predictable while the old one was.

Apart from that: maybe you might want to try to rebase the buildd-0.60.0 branch in the repository onto the new version and test that it works. So far, given the fast pace of upstream with no testing at all of buildd, my attempts to do that failed. So we're diverged again for the time being until someone shakes out the bugs. (Of which there normally are plenty.)

But whining on Planet is oh so much more helpful than filing a bug against buildd.d.o or at least ping d-wb-team@ for proper discussion.

Comment by Philipp Kern