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apply symbols file patches from buildd logs
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for i in armel i386 ia64 mipsel powerpc s390 sparc; do sed '0,/^dpkg-gensymbols/d;/^dpkg-gensymbols/d;/^dh_makeshlibs:/,$d' zbar_0.10+doc-1_$i.log | patch $symbolfile.$i -; done

import the history of a Debian package with debget and git-import-dsc
  1. Download all old sources from snapshot.debian.org: debsnap packagename
  2. Create git repository and cd into it: mkdir $packagename && cd $packagename && git init
  3. Tell git to merge changes from new versions automatically: git config branch.master.mergeoptions '-s recursive -X theirs'
  4. Import the sources as listed in the .dsc files: git-import-dscs ../*.dsc
  5. Unset the merge options: git config –unset branch.master.mergeoptions

It might be useful to patch git-import-dscs to set branch.master.mergeoptions automatically, but there might be reasons where you want to avoid that (for example when uptsream shipped a debian folder and the maintainer did not remove it).