Douf00 - fat free presentations

Now there is yet another package with a weird name in Debian - douf00 - a lightweight, slim and straight forward presentation tool. Written by some guys from a hacking and security team, which is mainly based in Vienna - guess that explains the l33t name (if you’re scared now, yes, I’ve reviewed the code…). At the FrOSCon one of the authors asked me if I’d be willing to package it for Debian.I’m sure you’ll love it if you’re giving presentations and don’t like to mess with and friends. Below I’ve cited some parts of the README - make sure you read the linked file if you want to know more, or just install the package and give it a try.

Douf00 is a lightweight, slim and straight forward Presentation Tool. It assists novice as well as experienced speakers when giving lectures and business meetings. With its simple presenters Screen that includes current slide - next slide (preview) as well as timers it is designed to assist those of us, that are willing to step up their lectures to the next level. The main reason why we created douf00 is because we (nice name crew) travel to conferences very often. As a matter of fact i always carried my macbook pro to every event. I always loved keynote and how the presenters screen works. Not having to worry about your beamer configuration and presenters screen is really comforting. However since i love to pack small and play big (on it stuff) i really felt we had to do something about it. Given the current situation presenters using linux have to deal with, we decided to simplify it. Of corse as a geek i would love to travel just with my netback saving valuable space in my backpack. In reality i was always caring my heavy macbook pro 15" everywhere just to lecture. Not only is it bad to give a presentation standing behind your machine because your presenters remote doesn't work. It is also highly annoying to always have to fumble around with your graphics card. Given the large verity of tools for creating your slides. (i.e.: powerpoint, open office impress, apple's keynote, latech-beamer,....) We felt there was no room for yet another slide creation tool. Nonetheless i noticed my desire to jump onstage, give a really good presentation without the usual worries. To be honest i use Keynote from apple on my home computer as i find it the most comforting tool to create slides. But now that we have created doufoo i save up on baggage space, and i finally managed to get rid of all the worries beforehand. But what is doufoo? - The perfect choice for every presenter that has more important stuff todo than care about beamer configuration more than once. Its fast, simple and lightweight. We think that caring less about your gear and focusing on the presentation itself is the best way to keep your audience enthusiastic and entertained.