Working on spacewalk support for and in Debian

With the latest release of Spacewalk PostgreSQL seems to be supported properly - finally. Also there are efforts to support Debian as a client system. So I’m thinking about using the upcoming BugSquashingParty in Salzburg to analyze the current support of Debian as a client in Spacewalk and maybe work on a better integration finalize the packaging and upload the client packages which were prepared by Miroslav Suchý (I hope he will be able to join us!) maybe work on packaging the server side of Spacewalk for Debian (Java is involved, so it would be great to have somebody form the Java team around!) in the hope that you (yes, you!) are joining me! »

Author image Bernd Zeimetz on #debian,

Nagios-plugins-contrib released

Nagios or Icinga users probably know the problem that neither the default plugin packages (nagios-plugins-basic and -standard) nor the few other plugin packages ship all the plugins you need to monitor your hardware and software properly. And unless you have puppet, cfengine or some other automation software, you probably just start searching plugins on Nagios Exchange, MonitoringExchange or some other machines you are monitoring already. Your problem shall be solved! nagios-plugins-contrib passed NEW today. »

Re-indenting files with vim

Sometimes projects with a long history of committers tend to collect various styles of indentation. Unfortunately not for all programming languages exist specialized tools like indent for C/C++, so we need to find a different way to mass-indent files properly. Using vim is one of them. First you need to create a file (let’s call it /tmp/indent.vim) including all the vim commands you want to run on your code. The following piece is a good start: gg=G :x! »

Plusone button plugin for ikiwiki

Just published an ikiwiki plugin to add google’s +1 buttons. See for details. And if you enable html5 in your ikiwiki settings, it won’t show up on planet debian as ugly g:plusone tag. »

Merkaartor development version in experimental

For people who do not follow the Merkaartor mailing list: Regulary updated development snapshots are available in experimental again. Please report bugs, either in the Debian BTS or in the upstream bugtracker. Latest addition to Merkaartor is a plugin to support the French Cadastre peoject. »