Gimp-plugin-registry updated

Somehow I managed to forget to blog about this for some time - version 2.1-1 of gimp-plugin-registry is available in testing since several days. For detailed changes please have a look in the changelog, for the impatient - here is the summary:

  • New plugins: btn4ws, sprocket-hole, cmyk-tiff-2-pdf, dustcleaner (back again, was removed for stable as it was not mature enough)
  • New upstream versions of the following plugins: lqr, DBP, diana-holga2, focusblur, GREYCstoration, LayerEffects (now using Python), normalmap, save-for-web, seperate+, wavelet-denoise
  • Removed plugins: exposure-blend

As usual let me know if there’s a nice plugin you’d like to see in the package.