Gimp-plugin-registry 3.5-1

During the last three months and since my last blog-post about gimp-plugin-registry a lot happened: Mainly a large number of new plugins was added, but also various enhancements and bugfixes went into the package, together with updates for various already included plugins. For those who don’t know gimp-plugin-registry yet, it is a collection of scripts and plugins for The GIMP. The name is based on the webpage GIMP Plugin Registry, where most (new) plugins and scripts are listed. »

Gimp-plugin-registry package updated

Yesterday I finally found the time to update gimp-plugin-registry, the (hopefully!) largest and best collection of plugins for The GIMP. As usual here comes a short summary of the changes: The wonderful scripts from El Samuko are included now: Antique Photo Border Script Che Guevara Script Cyanotype Script Difference Layer Script Escape Line Script Film Grain Script First Photo Border Script Lomo Script with Old Style Colors Movie 300 Script National Geographic Script Obama “HOPE” Script Rainy Landscape Script Photochrom Script Sprocket Hole Script Sunny Landscape Script Technicolor 2 Color Script Technicolor 3 Color Script Vintage Look Script Included the X11 Mouce Curser (XMC) plugin as requested by KiBi. »

Gimp-plugin-registry updated

Somehow I managed to forget to blog about this for some time - version 2.1-1 of gimp-plugin-registry is available in testing since several days. For detailed changes please have a look in the changelog, for the impatient - here is the summary: New plugins: btn4ws, sprocket-hole, cmyk-tiff-2-pdf, dustcleaner (back again, was removed for stable as it was not mature enough) New upstream versions of the following plugins: lqr, DBP, diana-holga2, focusblur, GREYCstoration, LayerEffects (now using Python), normalmap, save-for-web, seperate+, wavelet-denoise Removed plugins: exposure-blend As usual let me know if there’s a nice plugin you’d like to see in the package. »

Gimp-plugin-registry update planned

Within the next days I plan to update the gimp-plugin-registry package, including the latest versions of all plugins. So if you’d like to see a new fance plugin in the package, or you have any other wish, please add a comment here, or even better, file a wishlist bug report against the package. Patches are welcome, git repository informations are listed below. gitweb git:// Extra points if you find new/forked versions of plugins which are/were listed on registry. »