Gimp-plugin-registry package updated

Yesterday I finally found the time to update gimp-plugin-registry, the (hopefully!) largest and best collection of plugins for The GIMP. As usual here comes a short summary of the changes:

  • The wonderful scripts from El Samuko are included now:
  • Antique Photo Border Script
  • Che Guevara Script
  • Cyanotype Script
  • Difference Layer Script
  • Escape Line Script
  • Film Grain Script
  • First Photo Border Script
  • Lomo Script with Old Style Colors
  • Movie 300 Script
  • National Geographic Script
  • Obama “HOPE” Script
  • Rainy Landscape Script
  • Photochrom Script
  • Sprocket Hole Script
  • Sunny Landscape Script
  • Technicolor 2 Color Script
  • Technicolor 3 Color Script
  • Vintage Look Script
  • Included the X11 Mouce Curser (XMC) plugin as requested by KiBi.
  • Removed the GREYStoration plugin. This plugin was superseded by the gimp-gmic plugin, which is built from the gmic source. Most of the packaging work was done by Jakub Wilk (thanks!), it is waiting in NEW currently. Btw, gmic lives in the collab-maint git folder, don’t hesitate to help with the packaging work.
  • The following plugins were updated:
  • focus-blur
  • contactsheet
  • normalmap
  • save-for-web
  • seperate+

Hope you like my work, suggestions and bug reports are welcome as usual!