German keyboard layout for cyanogenmod

After installing the really awesome CyanogenMod on my G1/HTC Dream I was facing the problem that the keyboard layout was switched to qwerty - while I really prefer that on all my computers, it is annoying to use if you have to guess all the Alt keys. There are several opinions out there about what to do to change the keyboard layout - the following procedure works well for me: »

Author image Bernd Zeimetz on #android,

Howto set android developer device permissions with udev

As there’re several, more or less well working howtos about creating udev rules to allow access to the USB debug devices of Android phones out there in the wild, I decided to write my own one. The udev rules file I provide here works at least for the HTC Dream models (aka T-Mobile G1 and Google Devphone) and the ZTE Blade (aka Orange San Francisco), probably for other phones, too. »