Merkaartor 0.16.0 available in unstable

Merkaartor 0.16.0 was uploaded to Debian/unstable several days ago and should be available on all architectures now. As usual please help testing the new version - upstream and me will try to fix all bugs as fast as possible. Below follows the long list of new features, for the full list of changes see the CHANGELOG. Ramer-Douglas-Peucker simplification of ways (in Roads menu) support for JOSM remote protocol on port 8111 support for “standard” (as in http://wiki. »

Merkaartor - countdown to 0.16

As announced on the Merkaartor mailing lists, version 0.16 is planned to be released on 6th June. Therefore I’ve uploaded a git snapshot to experimental today. Please give it a try and report all problems, either to the Debian BTS or directly in the upstream bug tracker. Version 0.16 will contain a lot of new features and various bugfixes and enhancements. For me the most important additions are support for Walking Papers and support for OpenStreetBugs. »

Gpsd 2.39-3 in Debian experimental

Since a few days a new revision of gpsd is available in Debian/experimental. If you’re a gpsd user, please give it a try as it contains various changes to the debconf templates and the config script. Although I don’t expect any problems, it is better to test it well. Also there’re several updates of the template translations missing and I want to give the translators some more time before uploading the package to unstable. »