Plusone button plugin for ikiwiki

Just published an ikiwiki plugin to add google’s +1 buttons. See for details. And if you enable html5 in your ikiwiki settings, it won’t show up on planet debian as ugly g:plusone tag. »

Creating a google sitemap for ikiwiki

ikiwiki is not yet able to create a Google sitemap internally, so I’m using google-sitemapgen. To run it automatically when the website is being updated, I’ve changed the git hook to run it after the ikiwiki hook. In the ikiwiki setup file let git_wrapper point to a file which is not the post-update hook, so you’re able to run it from your own skript. I’m using /path/to/myikiwiki.git/hooks/post-update.ikiwiki. Write a skript which runs as post-update hook and executes the created hook from ikiwiki and google-sitemapgen with a proper configuration. »

Styling changes in ikiwiki 3.20100610

Some minutes before the release of 3.20100610 we convinced Joey in #ikiwiki to commit the following changes: The part of the page which is usually parallel to the sidebar lives within a new div with the id “pagebody” now. This is the proper fix for the issue and workaround described here. pre elements will show a scrollbar automatically now, thanks to overflow: auto; in the CSS. We hope that nobody wants to hit us with a bat now :-) »

New css for

After more than a year of using ikiwiki to run I thought it would be a good time replace the darkish-brown style by something bright. Also I wanted to get righ of the massive changes I had to do on the template files to make the old layout work. Unfortunately I hit one of the - in my opinion - major problems in the ikiwiki templates again: You can’t rely on all <div>s being available on all pages, which is quite annoying when you need them to style the page with CSS. »