Refactoring the guruplug server plus - part two

Although the modifications described in my last blog post about refactoring the GuruPlug resulted in a well working GuruPlug, I’ve decided to give it some more air to breath at the top of the case. The large round piece of plastic in the middle asked to be removed - and now a shiny 60mm fan grill protects the board from the bad world outside of the case. So far its working fine and not too hot. »

Refactoring the guruplug server plus

As mentioned in my last blog post the GuruPlug Server Plus needs some major refactoring before it can be used. Not doing so will make you end up with a fried brick. There are various stories in the forums about cooling it properly, so you might want to have a look first instead of following mine blindly. And of course - whatever you do - it is your fault when you end up with a brick, not mine! »

The guruplug server plus - major design and qa fail

As a lot of people are coming to my blog to read the installing instructions for Debian on the GuruPlug Server Plus, I shall not hide my opinion about it: It is a major design and QA fail. Don’t waste your money on it. The power supply Although I’ve ordered the Guruplug pretty early with the promise, that I’d have it in April, it arrived at the end of May due to QA issues with the power supply. »

Gimp-plugin-registry 3.5-1

During the last three months and since my last blog-post about gimp-plugin-registry a lot happened: Mainly a large number of new plugins was added, but also various enhancements and bugfixes went into the package, together with updates for various already included plugins. For those who don’t know gimp-plugin-registry yet, it is a collection of scripts and plugins for The GIMP. The name is based on the webpage GIMP Plugin Registry, where most (new) plugins and scripts are listed. »

Creating a google sitemap for ikiwiki

ikiwiki is not yet able to create a Google sitemap internally, so I’m using google-sitemapgen. To run it automatically when the website is being updated, I’ve changed the git hook to run it after the ikiwiki hook. In the ikiwiki setup file let git_wrapper point to a file which is not the post-update hook, so you’re able to run it from your own skript. I’m using /path/to/myikiwiki.git/hooks/post-update.ikiwiki. Write a skript which runs as post-update hook and executes the created hook from ikiwiki and google-sitemapgen with a proper configuration. »