Signs of bad package maintenance

<rant>Recently I’ve adopted a package, mainly as Merkaartor uses it now. It made me sad to see in which bad condition the package was. Here are just a few things I had to do to bring it into shape: The former maintainer removed the documentation and added a +dfsg to the version as there were a few hints left that it is under GFDL or under no license at all. »

Author image Bernd Zeimetz on #debian,

Styling changes in ikiwiki 3.20100610

Some minutes before the release of 3.20100610 we convinced Joey in #ikiwiki to commit the following changes: The part of the page which is usually parallel to the sidebar lives within a new div with the id “pagebody” now. This is the proper fix for the issue and workaround described here. pre elements will show a scrollbar automatically now, thanks to overflow: auto; in the CSS. We hope that nobody wants to hit us with a bat now :-) »

Merkaartor 0.16.0 available in unstable

Merkaartor 0.16.0 was uploaded to Debian/unstable several days ago and should be available on all architectures now. As usual please help testing the new version - upstream and me will try to fix all bugs as fast as possible. Below follows the long list of new features, for the full list of changes see the CHANGELOG. Ramer-Douglas-Peucker simplification of ways (in Roads menu) support for JOSM remote protocol on port 8111 support for “standard” (as in http://wiki. »

Installing Debian on the guruplug server plus

– Before buying or using a GuruPlug make sure you first read “the guruplug server plus - major design and qa fail” and “refactoring the guruplug server plus” – Yesterday finally my GuruPlug Server Plus arrived. Took longer than expected, but as it seems Globalscale had some issues with the power supplies and they were replaced before shipping the GuruPlugs. The GuruPlug Basically the GuruPlugs are an enhanced version of the well known SheevaPlugs, the biggest difference is probably the need for an external JTAG/UART<>RS232 board to access the serial console. »

Merkaartor - countdown to 0.16

As announced on the Merkaartor mailing lists, version 0.16 is planned to be released on 6th June. Therefore I’ve uploaded a git snapshot to experimental today. Please give it a try and report all problems, either to the Debian BTS or directly in the upstream bug tracker. Version 0.16 will contain a lot of new features and various bugfixes and enhancements. For me the most important additions are support for Walking Papers and support for OpenStreetBugs. »